Chazon africa

Chazon Africa is on a mission

Chazon Africa focuses on three key strategic areas:  PROTECTING, EDUCATING, and EMPOWERING.

The organization’s overall objective is to, improve the quality of life in Molo, Kenya and the counties around.

mission and vision

Our Mission And Vision

Chazon Africa recognises that the barriers to education are complex and interlinked as a result.

Our projects focus on a combination of education, child protection and livelihood support. To address the social, economic and structural issues that underpin today’s education crisis.

Education Program

Our Program and services  ensure that no vulnerable child is overlooked

Rescue Centre Program

Our holistic, model that prevents children from facing adversity.

Family Empowerment

Chazon Africa has programs for families and social welfare

How we work

Education is the best route to sustainable change for millions of children.

Community Focused

To establish long-term partnerships with the community and ensure the projects' long-term viability.

School Improvement

To guarantee that kids are in a healthy and safe environment in order to maximize their learning

Scholarships & Partnerships

To establish clear pathways beyond basic education and to assist pupils in their advancement.

Meaningful local empowement

Assist families in becoming self-sufficient and thriving by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need.

Chazon Children Centre.

When children step inside the classroom, their entire world opens up.

chazon africa

Education Program

Chazon Africa Education Program; The CHAZON CHILDREN CENTRE has a community-oriented model made up of dynamic networks of people and services that ensure no vulnerable child is overlooked.

€150 will contribute to school, homework stationary and uniform for a child for one year

Chazon Africa family Empowerment program.

Building the Connection Between Home and School.

Chazon Africa

Empowerment Program

Chazon Africa family empowerment Program; provides solution-building services and programs that help parents tackle family problems and fortify family strengths in an effort to promote child education, safety, well-being and permanency.

The program targets families who are at risk of children running away or being removed from a home for abuse or neglect. Through the program we work with the families to solve issues and avoid removal, creating safe and stable homes.

Chazon Rescue Centre.

Every day, over 150 million children struggle to survive on the streets.


In developing countries like Kenya, street children as young as 4 are hopeless and alone, living in hunger, fear, and disease. They need family. Together, we can change that.

How you can get involved

Come together


No matter the amount, your fundraise will support the long-term vision of ensuring every child receives the education they deserve , whilst empowering women and families.

Get involved


Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much. Joining our volunteer program there is so much we can do together , whilst empowering women and families.

Make a Gift


With your Donations, the gift helps us to support all the needs of our children at the centre It will transform the school for tomorrow , whilst empowering women and families.

Our Partners

Our Blog.


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