A Gift from European International School of Barcelona, Building Successful Collaborations.

european collaboration

A gift from European International School of Barcelona, Building Successful Collaborations.

eisb collaboration

A Few days ago, we received visitors from the European International School of Barcelona, this was the first step to starting a new and wonderful journey of collaborating. This new collaboration came with a new project for Chazon Children Centre. A project until now was only just a dream.

In the coming months, the children at the Chazon Centre will have a brand-new administration block which will be equipped with a computer lab, all this has been made possible by our friends and partners of the European International School of Barcelona.

What does this mean for us?

With the introduction of CBC (Competency Based Curriculum) a new education system in Kenya that is currently set to replace the 8-4-4 education system. ICT education is one of the Curriculum Subjects, our children will start computer literacy program that will brings much needed computer skills and technology to the Chazon Centre.

Imagine the endless possibilities brought about by providing quality education and basic ICT skills for children in disadvantaged communities. This project will allow children’s access to computers with internet and supervised computer classes from an expert. Moving forward, these children will learn how to use computers. Education levels the playing field, allowing everyone to compete.

Chazon Africa education program offers quality education to improve children’s learning outcomes and better prepare them for future employment. A computer lab will ensure these children get equipped with computer skills and exposure to the internet in a controlled environment.

We are looking at ultimately getting more children ICT literate by the time they move to junior high school and give them the interest to take ICT courses, this will position them for future employment opportunities in a world that is increasingly digital.

It is clear that moving forward, ICT is a field that will provide a myriad of employment opportunities. Most importantly, we are setting our eyes on seeing a community empowered to use technology to find solutions to the problems affecting them. All this can be made possible by investing in the education system at a community level in the primary section.

The computer lab will provide computers with internet access, giving the children in our school an opportunity to learn computer skills. Without these skills, the children at the school will be disadvantaged in their further education in secondary school and beyond as well as in the job market.

Internet access will further allow the children to enhance their knowledge through research online and access to many learning resources on the internet such as Khan Academy.

About Chazon Africa education program

Chazon Africa education program aims to provide a holistic education for the children we serve, and we see digital skills as an increasingly vital skillset for our children to have. By ensuring vulnerable children receive a great education, we empower them to break out of the cycle of poverty and launch towards a brighter future for themselves and their families.

We are excited for this project and many thanks to the European international school of Barcelona team.

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