When you go to Africa you understand, that she saves you.

“When I decided to volunteer in Africa, I never imagined that what I was going to take with me would far exceed what I would bring to them.
I remember my experience with Chazon Africa and Molo Kenya as the most rewarding of my life; not to mention that it completely changed my perspective of Africa and of that third world that they talk to us about, scaring us, as if life was hardly worth it there, as if famine ravaged every corner and happiness was just one more word of the dictionary.

There I understood that happiness is not a destination but a journey, that you enjoy every day with the little things, that you don’t have to have much to be full, that feeling complete is something that sleeps within us and only we can wake it up.

It is amazing how children, just a few years old and barely a meter off the ground, can teach you so much about the world around you, about respect, joy and above all, about perceiving those details that we, busy with life, we passed by.
And it is that when you go to Africa you understand, that she saves you.”

Claudia Hernandez


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