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Our Volunteer Program

Volunteers play a very important role at Chazon Africa, bringing wonderful skills and energy to our organisation making a difference to the lives of many.

At Chazon Africa we understand the international volunteer program as a method of awareness and learning to break down stereotypes and preconceived ideas. Collaborating directly with the local project, in a respectful way, working as a team, dialoguing and internalizing the ways of doing the local culture, the volunteer becomes an agent of change upon his return.

Chazon Africa Volunteer Safari


Chazon Africa’s volunteer program is full of meaningful opportunities and its an immersion program customized for individual travelers, students, professionals, families, groups, or anyone with the desire to serve humanity in Kenya. The time you spend in Kenya, your community destination, and the volunteer projects in which you will be involved are all geared to your skills and interests, and the community’s needs.

When Volunteering with Chazon Africa there are plenty of volunteer opportunities that suit your skills and interests. You can do anything from teaching, sports coaching, community  outreaches, childcare.

whenever you choose to volunteer with us, you will be offered with an opportunity to make a difference to the needy communities, experience the culture, make new friends and memories, and go home with invaluable experience for your CV.

Chazon Africa offers meaningful volunteer programs where you can experience the culture, language, food and the hospitable people of this beautiful country and give back to make a positive difference in their lives.

The volunteer work, helps orphaned and needy children, improves education by teaching in local schools, empower local women initiatives, share your skills and experience through Chazon Africa.

As a participant with Chazon Africa you will:

-Share with the Local members, Gain new perspectives and insight into another culture and yourself, Experience another culture and country at a deep and personal level, Gain hands-on experience that will distinguish you on professional level, Make a positive impact in the areas of education, child development & healthcare.

No qualifications necessary, other than the ability to speak some English. Minimum age to volunteer independently is 18 years old for the volunteer program. We also encourage families to join our programs, we also accommodate both large and small groups in Kenya.

We allow you to combine meaningful volunteer projects with action-packed adventure safari travel into the ultimate life-changing experience. We are committed to provide you with affordable and truly amazing volunteer in Kenya experience. Come join our trips and change the way you see the world!

Chazon Africa Volunteers

Volunteer in Africa and do a safari with Pega Tours and Travel!

Volunteer in Africa and do a safari with Pega Tours and Travel!

Chazon Africa with Pega Tours and Travel have created unique “Kenya Safari Volunteering Program” with safari trips for the adventurous traveler who want to travel with a purpose. During this “safari volunteering Kenya trip”, you can enjoy Kenya’s finest wildlife spot-Masai- Mara at an affordable rate while giving back to the community in need.

Enjoy open vehicle game drives in Masai Mara, sunset drives, and more on this memorable volunteer safari in Kenya. Experience a volunteering safari in Kenya crafted to provide you with a rich, exciting, and unforgettable experience. Experience and witness Kenya’s abundant wildlife up close as you embark on any of our safari volunteering game combined with a meaningful, rewarding volunteer work.

Kenya- A beautiful country in the heart of the Savannah!

Kenya is among the most trending volunteering destinations in Africa. Kenya is one of Africa’s most distinct and stunning locations and if you choose to volunteer Chazon Africa, After your volunteering with Chazon Africa, Pega Tours and Travel will take you to the country’s finest places. Visit and volunteer with us, and experience all that this country offers. The intrigue and adventures of Kenya reaches back into the birth of mankind, stretches along miles of white sand beaches and journeys into dense forests and divergent deserts.

Iconic landmarks such as Mount Kenya stand above the Savannah plains and tropical woodlands while its intricate waterfalls lie nestled within the montane foothills. Cool breezes drift across the Indian Ocean to refresh your soul in the country’s many coastal towns and islands. From her highest peaks to her deepest ocean depths, Kenya gives you an African dream trip of a lifetime!

When people think of safari in Africa, a Kenya safari is the one that comes to mind. From the stampeding herds of the Mara to the cultures of the Maasai, Rendille and Samburu, and the Pink Flamingos of the Rift Valley Lakes against the backdrop of the majestic Mount Kenya.

You know the images from various documentaries – sweeping savannah plains teeming with over a million Wildebeest, the Maasai tribe and Big Cats. Experience it for yourself on a Masai Mara volunteer safari tour. Witness the Migration between August and October plus great game viewing opportunities throughout the year.

From Savannah to Sea, from Bush to Beach. Combine a spectacular Kenya safari with a beach break. After all the dust and heat, enjoy barefoot experience at a coastal resort with tropical breezes, palm trees and idyllic ocean views.

Kenya Volunteer Tour Safaris with Pega tours and Travel.

Discover the stark beauty of the northern regions on one of our awesome Kenya Samburu safari tours. This region in Kenya is home to abundant big game supported by the Ewaso Nyiro River. See desert adapted animals and delve into the culture of the Samburu people.

The Great Rift Valley is the land of Soda Lakes, including Lake Nakuru, renowned for thousands of Flamingos. These safaris include tours through Samburu, Lake Naivasha and Masai Mara. Experience these diverse national parks which abound with wildlife.


Gift of Education

We are committed to quality education for all and without limits as a tool to fight inequality. We need you to keep walking together. Become a member.

Send Us your email address and we will get back to you with instructions on how you can join our “Become a Donor” list

Gift of Education

We are committed to quality education for all and without limits as a tool to fight inequality. We need you to keep walking together. Become a member.

Send Us your email address and we will get back to you with instructions on how you can join our “Become a Donor” list