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A ministry in which destitute children and people with few resources reap the benefits of  our pursue for equal opportunities.

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How It Works-Give the gift of quality education

Education is the key, what would your life be like without education? For most of us, growing up without the opportunity to go to school is unfathomable. But for the communities we work with in Molo Kenya, it’s the norm.

According to a study by UNICEF, 44% of girls and 34% of boys (10 to 19 years old) from the world’s poorest families have never attended school or dropped out before completing primary education.

At Chazon Africa, we know that education is key to breaking the poverty cycle, which is why we’ve made it our mission to provide quality education to some of the most vulnerable communities in Molo Kenya. We do this through a range of projects that contribute to improved learning conditions, student well being and development, and inclusive partnerships with the community and the local government.

For a monthly contribution of $55, you can join our community of sponsors who ensure that we can continue to run these important projects and change the lives of the children we work with.

Where does your investment go?

Our School Community

to build relationships with the community and ensure the long-term sustainability of the projects.

School Improvement

to ensure students are in a safe and vibrant environment where they are kept healthy to optimise their learning.

Teacher Development

to improve teaching standards and support teachers in their ongoing pedagogical capability enhancement.

My Voice

to build confidence and empower students to speak up and take ownership of their education and to understand their rights.

What will you get in return?

See the world through our students' eyes

As a student sponsor, we’ll connect you with one of our students from a community where your money is being invested. Twice a year, you’ll exchange letters and hear first-hand how your contribution is making an impact.

Stay connected with our teams on the ground

Join our regular online events , hosted by our amazing team in Kenya and Spain. These events give you the opportunity to discover more, ask questions and learn how you’re helping our students break the poverty cycle..

Track your student's progress

You’ll receive an annual progress report on the impact of your investment, including an update on the student that you’re connected to. Education is at the core of everything we do and we encourage all our students to reach for the stars.

Start your Sponsorship

This is the start of a special journey sponsoring a student. Just fill in a few quick details below to get your sponsorship started.

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o They Can has a Sponsorship Program that allows supporters to support a student and ensure that they receive a quality education.

While primary education is free in Kenya, the schools are only able to deliver sub-standard education, causing many students to drop out early. Your sponsorship enables us to work with local schools to deliver our education projects to lift the quality of the education in schools and ensure a sustainable future for the whole community. These projects include:

  • our school community to build relationships with community and ensure the long-term sustainability of the projects
  • my voice to build confidence and empower students to speak up and take ownership of their education
  • school improvement to ensure students are learning in a safe and vibrant environment
  • teacher development to improve teaching standards
  • early steps to build interest in learning and early literacy
  • keeping girls in school project to engage the whole community of the importance of girls education
  • a school feeding program that includes one hot meal a day
  • access to fresh water and medical checks
  • hope for a poverty-free future

Find out more about our education programs here

A. By credit card
We accept Visa and Mastercard for monthly contributions


B. Direct Debit
Monthly/annual contributions can be paid from your bank account.
Please email us at sponsorship@chazonafrica.org to receive the direct debit form.

Yes you will receive an annual tax receipt in the currency of your donation at the end of the financial year.

Donations to Chazon Africa qualifies for tax deductions in Spain and Kenya.

Yes, absolutely! As a child sponsor, you will receive a colour photo and information on your sponsor child including their first name, their age and class, and an insight into what they like about school and what they enjoy doing.

Yes, please!! It is one of their favourite days of the year. So They Can collect your letter and delivers it to your sponsor child and we then collect the letter that your sponsor child has written, just for you, and send it to your home address. This happens twice a year. Your letters need to be with us by 1st of March, and the 1st of August each year.

Yes. Like in any school, students leave from time to time. Sometimes, it is due to them moving out of the area to follow a job opportunity or to live with other members of their family. If circumstances change for your sponsor child, we will notify you and join you together with another one of our students who is in need of your support.

Yes, you can! We warmly welcome visitors to our school in Kenya and meeting your sponsor child is something very special.

No. There is no contract. You can sponsor for as long as you like. In our experience the relationship between you and your sponsor child grows stronger all the time. A special connection forms and we are sure it will be a very memorable experience for you.

Yes, it is. Please indicate a preference on your online when you click START YOUR SPONSORSHIP above.

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