Fundraise For Chazon Africa

Fundraise for Chazon Africa.


A ministry in which destitute children and people with few resources reap the benefits of  our pursue for equal opportunities.

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Gift In Celebration

Wondering how to really celebrate in style? 
Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, anniversary or another special event, you can mark this occasion by asking your friends and family to make a donation to So They Can on your behalf instead of gifts and flowers.

We will ensure that the impact your generosity has lasts much longer than one day.

Simply Choose What You Want To Do…

Challenge Yourself

Want an excuse to do something fun?
Create your own challenge and raise funds for So They Can. No challenge is too big or too small, it’s about pushing your boundaries and setting your own goals, and of course putting the FUN into fundraising. We will support you all the way.

Simply Choose What You Want To Do…

Pledge Your Birthday

Why not make your special day that extra bit special?

Rather than getting more candles and socks, ask your friends and family to donate to So They Can and ensure that the gift you get this year is the education of a child or adult. We will ensure that your birthday is filled with the gift of giving add you feel enriched by the reciprocity of giving.

Simply Choose What You Want To Do…

Host an Event

Do you enjoy gathering your coworkers and friends?
The best ideas aren’t always the most complicated. It’s a nice idea to host a coffee morning at work, a book club, or a high tea with your friends, but those are only two possibilities.

Only your imagination holds you back. Whatever event you enjoy, your friends will as well, all while raising funds for So They Can.

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Anything is possible thanks to our supporters who do incredible things to raise funds for our communities.

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