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Our Amazing Journey

A ministry in which destitute children and people with few resources reap the benefits of  our pursue for EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES

Lucy and Samuel

Married for more than 20 years and educational professionals, this couple had a successful restaurant in Molo, where many homeless children used to go for food. They fed them but they could not do more for them since they did not have enough resources.


The School is Up

They needed to do more for these children and therefore, in 2007 they close down the restaurant and opened a school where they could offer free food and education for the vulnerable kids of the area. The school opened its doors with 7 students but gradually the number increased and they were forced to move to a bigger facilities and with more capacity. Today the school houses 460 students.


The First Volunteer Arrives

In June, July and August 2009 Chazon gets the visit of the first volunteers from Spain, United Kingom, USA and Canada. They fell in love with Lucy & Samuel’s project and decided to help them from their countries.


Chazon Africa is Born

Some of the volunteers register an Association in Spain called “Chazon Africa”, with the purpose of collaborating with the Molo Project. Among other things, it proides volunteer assesment, fundraising campaigns, conferences about the reality of Africa and its development.


Chazon Africa Rescue Centre is Born

Chazon Africa Rescue Centre for vulnerable Children opens up in january 2014 housing 13 children who also go to school and in desperate need for a home. Also, a small farm is built up with cows an chickens in the same area and in 2019 a new facility for the children is build up with capacity for another 30 children.


The Chazon Africa Family Gets Bigger

In 2018 the Chazon Project includes 23 children in the Orphanage, 460 children at school and a small farm with 15 cows and 2.700 chicken which allow them to feed the children more properly.


Bigger Rescue Centre is Built

In January 2019 and thanks to the incredible collaboration of the European University of Madrid, the orphanage increases its capacity with a new building, able to accomodate up to 25 children.