It has been one of the best and more complete experience in our whole lives!

How can I describe better what the volunteer experience has meant to me and my family? It is quite easy: it has been one of the best and more complete experience in our whole lives!  And it is not because we are not skilled travellers! It has allowed us to know the reality that is living in Kenya, and I am concerned that is the same in other countries and it is far away to the reality in Europe.

And there is not a best way to be involved in that rather than with an organization that tries to focus on the main problem, in my opinion: the education. Great, fantastic, enormous the way you try transform the situation.

If you add to all that I have got the chance to share this experience with my family, then I can say it is the perfect combination. To enjoy this experience with my daughter, makes me feel really comfortable. Now I am sure, it is the correct way to do the things, to involve the young people on that is simply perfect.


They are who can transform the world in a future, and although I already knew the feelings on my daughter, now I have a better understanding of the type of person she is. Empathy in pure essence!

Thank you Chazon, highly recommended to all the families with teenagers.

Vidal Jiménez, Bárbara and Family

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